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Dear Sir,

I went to a FREE school. What a Shame. I guess that old adage is right YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR! Which is exactly the education I received. Thank God I found your company. (Someone actually told me about your company during the class.) Tri-Lab takes the time to explain things to me about permanent cosmetics.

Mary, Texas

Dear Mr. Nardoni,

I wanted to let you know how wonderful your pigments are. They seem to stay truer to color and do not fade as quickly as some of the other products on the market. But, most important your instructor Susan deserves kudos for her knowledge of your products and HOW TO USE THEM CORRECTLY. I believe she is the first person I have spoken to who really understands color blending, skin undertones and corrective techniques for misapplied permanent cosmetics. Again, I am most happy and will continue to do business with you. I am not going to be a volume purchaser, but I will remain loyal and recommend your products to others.

Basha G.

Dear Rikk,

We want to express out Thanks to both you and Susan Church for taking the time to speak with us and help us out with all of the problems we encountered. We were almost ready to give up but thanks to your assistance and products we feel very confident that weve ironed out all of the little problems

Again, Our Sincerest Thanks,
Brenda W.
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