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Designer Series Colours
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FAQ: Why purchase Tri-Lab Products Inc. Colours?

A: SAFETYTri-Lab Colours are manufactured in the U.S.A. in an FDA approved laboratory. All of our colours are encoded with lot numbers and expiration dates, as well as having a tamper proof seal for your added protection. The Tri-Lab Products Designer Series Colours have been successfully selling for over 21 years, with a proud history of consistent high quality Safe usage.

A: COLOUR VOLUME – (SEE YELLOW ARROW) Colour, Colour and more Colour! Every bottle that you purchase from Tri-Lab Products Inc. will have a minimum of at least 3/4 of a bottle full of actual colour. Vigorously shake your bottle of colour for 1 minute or more (every bottle contains a mixing pellet to help in this process). This will ensure an equal distribution of colour throughout the entire bottle creating a higher colour volume impact in every implant you perform. Note: You could have 10-20 yrs. of experience, however, if the colour product that you are using lacks sufficient colour (colour volume) there is a very high possibility that you will encounter difficulties with your procedure.

53 Colours to choose from. All Colours will have either a C or W in front of the item number.
C = Cool based colours W= Warm based colours.

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