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Welcome to Tri-Lab Products Inc. and Thank You for visiting our website. Whether you are new to our company or a familiar friend, there are many changes that have been implemented to help guide you during your stay with us. Our site was designed with the intent of not only continuing to provide the high quality products that you have become accustomed to, but doing so in a manner that allows for easy navigation. In addition we have taken vital information from our catalog, added to it and made it available on line.

With this commitment Tri-Lab will continue its proud level of service that has us recognized as not only a company that cares but a company that delivers. For it is through the numerous calls that we receive on a daily basis from the people that matter the most, you our valued customers that let us know you appreciate our efforts.

When you, our customers comment by saying you simply enjoy calling us, proves our sincere devotion in trying to provide all of your Permanent Cosmetic Supply needs as well as providing you a platform to gain valuable knowledge, is helping towards your success.

So please remember we encourage any comments or thoughts you may have. Many of the changes that we have implemented have been as a direct result of your suggestions.

Very Best Wishes
Rikk Navarro
President & The Staff at Tri-Lab Products Inc.

  As President and CEO of Tri-Lab Products Inc. Rikk has successfully guided Tri-Lab since its inception over 22 years ago. However, he is quick to point out that the success that Tri-Lab has enjoyed may not have been possible had it not been for the great efforts of someone he considers a part of his family, Susan Church.

Rikk is someone that didn’t initially envision himself running a company; he simply didn’t want the responsibility. However, after bouncing around from job to job learning vital insight into what makes a company successful he was presented with the opportunity to put to use the valuable knowledge he had gained. So in July of “91” he now welcomed the responsibility and decided to take a chance, thus Tri-Lab Products was born.

Rikk devotes an enormous amount of time towards the success of Tri-Lab as does any one who has ever started their own business. Over 22 years later with Tri-Lab going stronger than ever he has found other exciting activities to relieve the volcanic stress that everyone knows you experience when you work practically 24-7. His ultimate release is being strapped like you're on a bullet, into a single seat race car and flying through turns at over 120 mph. In his own words, “it’s an adrenaline rush of a life time, simply stated, you haven’t lived until you’ve been on the edge”, he just wishes he could go faster – now that’s living! To help him stay in shape for such a strenuous activity Rikk plays a lot of Basketball and currently trains in Boxing, Kickboxing and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Rikk would eventually like to retire from Tri-Lab and race professionally, however, when it takes a million $$$ plus to run just 1 full season, that’s a lot of colours to sell. So unless his employees would like to work for free, we still should be seeing him around for a while. Until that happens Rikk will gladly devote his time to the people who have supported Tri-Lab for all these years and do so with a smile!


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